SIME, a scandinavian benchmarking event, nominated for Best Entertainment in may 1999. The winner of each category will be entitled to buy tickets to the award ceremony at discount prices.
Magazine GP Attityd ranked xnet Best of Season in spring 1998. GP is the major newspaper in Götlaburg, Sweden.
Weekly magazine Resume deliver news about Stureplan in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. They also give Xnet awards every now and then: Xnet made it to the 8th place in their monthly website awards of april 1998 and to the 9th place in april 1999 (for The xnet PL ad banner came in as 5th in their web campaign awards of april 1999 as well.
Xnet was among the top 5 in Sajber on swedish national TV in october 1997 and april 1999. Xnet have recieved many weird postings in the Guestbook after this, but the xmen say they don't worry much. let people vote for sites they find nice. The vote management system went haywire the moment Xnet entered the list of sites to vote for, making it an instant number 1 in december 1998.
Everyone's favourite telco, Telia, have a portal called Passagen who gave Link of the day awards to Xnet and Jan 20 and jan 27 1999, respectively.
 day8 eloge
Swedish web agency day8 gives their Eloge awards to competing companies. Now, that's weird. But nice. Xnet got an award for maintaining a strong appearance in the marketplace.
 communication arts
The Xmen were supposed to write something funny here about magazine Communication Arts award named Site of the Week. got one on june 1, 1999.
 shockwave site of the day
Macromedia sure likes Xnet. The company gave Xnetland a SSOD award on september 29th, 1999. In addition, each of the Xmen got themselves a MegaCar with Microsoft Windows built-in.
 shocked site of the day
Xnet was Shocked Site of the Day, may 27th 1998. The Xnet Counter System was shocked as well. This award was given by PCromedia, whose Shoot 'em up Construction Kit's version number is at 7.
 macromedia swl gallery
The Sites With Life gallery is a section of the Macromedia world wide web (WWW) site. On june 1, 1999, got a Site of the Day award for showcasing Shockwave technology in a good way.
Games Monkeymaze and Monkeymaze II continue to gain much attention at Macromedias crowded Shockrave site. Upcoming site will hopefully take some weight off the Shockrave servers..
On january 27, 1998, Xnet was considered perfect by the UK web scene. Therefore, Xnet became Site of the day that particular day.
The Flashzone Spotlight (soft light cone) was aligned to the Xnet object on february 13, 1999 because of the lovely flash files coming out of Götlaburg, Sweden.
In july 1996 Netscape Communications Corp became one of the first Xnet Certified Solution Providers. In return, Netscape awarded Xnet double Cool Site of the Day awards on february 6th and 7th, 1999.
 shift magazine
Japanese Shift magazine included Xnetland in its Cool Site Review, may 1999. Click on the Link button to go there, or press ctrl-alt-del to exit.
 cool sites
Book: Cool Sites. Contents: The Attik, Kleber Design, Antirom, Xnet. Publisher: Duncan Baird Publishers. November 1998.
 cool site and hot screen
The book Cool Site and Hot Screen (the mac version of COSTHTSC.BOK) will arrive spring 1999 from a Chinese publisher. The Xnet server admin has begun to worry about the coming 1.2 billion hits in the Counter System.